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Welcome to the Allergan Speaker Bureau RSVP Site provides you with the ability to RSVP to an Allergan Promotional Speaker program to which you have been invited. To begin, please enter the program code (begins with "PRF") from the invitation you received from your Allergan Sales Representative into the text box. Please note that you must include the letters ‘PRF’ along with the 7-digit number code (e.g. PRF1234567). Then, click Submit:

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Allergan is concerned about your privacy and will not distribute your contact information (either email, address or phone number) to any other party. Your contact information will only be used in relation to this program or other speaker bureau activities.


Thank you for your RSVP to this Allergan Speaker Bureau program. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please call the Allergan RSVP Phone Line at 877-994-6872 or email

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